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Thursday, 25 December 2008

Bassai Dai

One of the main references for this kata is Nakayama Sensei "Best Karate" Volume 6. Nakayama states that Bassai  Dai along with Kanku Dai are representative Shotokan Kata. From Bassai can be learned composure and agility, strength and change, fast and slow techniques, the dynamics of strength, turning disadvantage into advantage and changing blocks. Bassai Dai is often selected for Shodan gradings and is regularly selected by the examiner for Nidan and Sandan gradings.

Above : Kanazawa Sensei

Above : Asai Sensei

Above : Yokozawa Sensei

Above : JKA Kata
Above : Kagawa Sensei - Yama-Zuki

Above : Kato Shihan - 9th Dan IJKA - Chief Instructor

Above : Bassai Dai with Commentary - SKI

Above : Kolerus Sensei - Czech Republic - Fast, Slow & Bunkai

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